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Inspect more strip. Eliminate defects. Optimize quality.

Strip quality begins in the hot mill, and rolling mills need reliable, repeatable process control data to optimize product quality, ensure uniformity and increase output. The Thermo Scientific™ SIPRO Simultaneous Profile Gauge provides high-speed, accurate dimensional measurements throughout the entire length of your product and inspects more strip than any other gauge…

Ask 7 questions about NanoDrop or any microvolume UV-Vis instrument

What really matters when buying a new microvolume spectrophotometer? There are 7 key aspects of a new microvolume UV-Vis spectrophotometer to consider before you buy. Asking about them ahead of time can save you time, money and frustrations down the road. Brush up on the 7 most important considerations for…

Which XPS instrument will advance your research?

Watch on-demand: The Surface Analysis Toolbox In our recent webinar, we presented how the additional analytical methods available on our Thermo Scientific™ Nexsa™ Surface Analysis System and our Thermo Scientific ESCALAB™ Xi+ XPS Microprobe can build on XPS data to provide comprehensive analysis. ISS, UPS, REELS, AES, and Raman spectroscopy…


Noua serie de instrumente de emisie optica ICP-OES Thermo Scientific oferă analize în cel mai rapid timp posibil, de cel mai înalt calibru pentru precizie și productivitate

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