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SERS for Food Safety

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SERS for Food Safety

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Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) is an analytical technique that exhibits considerable benefits in the detection of foreign proteins either intentionally or accidentally introduced into food.

SERS is useful in making low concentration analysis effective for Raman spectroscopy. In comparison to traditional ELISA tests SERS is much faster and the risk of false positive and negative answers is much lower. The fast, specific protein detection by SERS can be utilized for food allergen testing.

This one-hour Webinar will show why SERS is an ideal technique for analyzing foreign proteins in food.

*Low concentration foreign protein in milk and orange juice

*Specificity for specific protein analysis

*Fast analysis time – less than 45 minutes

*Separation of analyte from complex aqueous matrix

*Different approaches for protein analysis using SERS

*Faster and more reliable results than ELISA

Watch this webinar here. Enjoy!

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